Women In The Trucking Industry

Women In The Trucking Industry

As Kelly and I get ready to head to Chicago to meet one of our biggest accounts, I can’t help but think about the roles of women in our industry.

Kelly started this company in 2010 after separating from the company her sister started and ran for over twenty years. With over twenty years of experience, and the gumption to break out on her own to become the founder of her own brokerage, she is definitely a strong women in our field.

And there are so many other strong and amazing women in our business.

Some are drivers, out there on the roads everyday. Fighting the traffic, weather, new regulations and “old school” thinkers out there that still can’t imagine female drivers. To you ladies, I say thank you, and way to go! Keep up the amazing job you are doing! You are out there on the “front lines” being the face of women in trucking, breaking down barriers and changing opinions and for that, you deserve another round of thank you’s! According to Go by Truck News, there are approximately 3 million drivers in the US, and of those 200,000 are females and those numbers are on the rise, there has been a 50% increase in female drivers since 2005.

Some of the women in our industry are CEO’s, presidents, founders, and business owners. To you women, I offer a round of virtual applause! You have truly changed the face of trucking. You have fought to prove that we can hold our own in a male based field! You have not only built companies, managed drivers, dispatchers and customers, but also raised children, had relationships and kept your household running! As a women working for a women, I truly appreciate all that you have done to make strides and move things forward for those of us that are following in your footsteps!

Women have been in transportation since the days of horses and carts and we are growing stronger by the day, with the help of groups like Women in Trucking (http://www.womenintrucking.org/) “Women In Trucking was established to encourage the employment of women in the trucking industry, promote their accomplishments and minimize obstacles faced by women working in the trucking industry.”(WIT website).

In short, if you are a women in trucking, give yourself a hand, and be safe out there! And if you are a women who would like to get into trucking, in any facet of our amazing industry there are many places to acquire good solid information, and leads for job openings! ( I will include a few links for you at the end!) And if you are someone that just wants to support the efforts and advances of some of these amazing women, let them know it!

Until Next week,

Women in Trucking web site…..http://www.womenintrucking.org/
Real Women in Trucking web site….http://www.realwomenintrucking.com/
Lady Truck Drivers.com…..http://www.ladytruckdrivers.com/
American Trucking Association(ATA)…..http://www.truckline.com/